Presence of an Absence. Por Georgianna C. Ainsworth

“Presence of an Absence” is a collaborative live art event which aims to start conversations about violence and loss. By working with like minded artists we aim to give victims of violence a name and a face and take focus away from the perpetrator and highlight the human loss and the wake of pain murder leaves behind. These first events focus on the pain of the families in Mexico who after suffering the loss of their loved ones, have had to endure indifference, injustice and harassment.

This situation on violence unfortunately is not an issues particular to Mexico. All around the world people fall victims to it and suffer in silence while their murderers are made famous and glorified by the media. In “Presence of an Absence” we turn their victims and their families from statistics into real human beings.

By asking the public to join in workshops and the setting up of the installation we let them connect with the issues at a personal level, in that way becoming part of the artwork and our protest.

“Presence of an absence” live art event will be running workshops at the Birley (Preston, England) starting on June 13th from 1pm – 4pm.


1) Blood Rising

Brian Maguire and Mark McLoughlin’s Blood Rising is a moving documentary of the time Brian Maguire spent in Cuidad Juarez working with the families of the victims of murder and injustice in Mexico. In moving conversations with Brian the families tell the story of how the government has turned their back on them and even been the cause for their loss.   It is an honest and respectful piece and an important part of a larger movement of defiance against injustice.

2) Protest By Rocio Sifuentes and Julio Ancira

Rocio Sifuentes and Julio Ancira’s work follows the protests against femicide and corruption in Mexico City. They both go out in volatile conditions to record the real struggle of the Mexican community in a country where the media is as corrupt as its government. Just as the protesters they risk their safety and freedom to send the message that people have had enough.

3) El Club Mini Venganzas Theatre company (Francisco Cardoso Director of the piece, Carlos Castillian actor and Georgia Danel Fidiam, Voiceover)

Performace video in which they remember the few names we were able to confirm of the women murdered in Cuidad Juarez. The list is longer but the authorities do not keep records or are unwilling to provide answers. In Cuidad Juarez alone approximately 2000 women have been murdered in the last 20 years, a problem that echoes through all of Mexico. Seven women are murdered every day in Mexico. But no one seems to care enough to report it.

4) The song is Ojos Mexicanos by Lola Beltran.

5) Flores del Desierto (Flowers of the Desert) Georgianna C. Ainsworth

It is a piece that represents the women murdered in Cuidad Juarez. In February 1000 images of a woman under calla lilies were printed for the first Presence of an Absence the next 1000 are being embellished by artists and members of the public as a symbol of support to the women in Juarez and all the women who have lost their life all over the world. This is a growing live piece. Georgianna C. Ainsworth produces the images live on site and will be printing them on the 20th of June at he Flag Market alongside the installation of Red Shoes by Elina Chauvet.

6) Red Shoes Elina Chauvet

It is dedicated to the women who have suffered gender violence. It is a call for conscience and solidarity before a growing violence situation and concern for women, girls and teenagers who are still disappearing and are being murdered before the indifferent eyes of the authorities. This piece has its roots in Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico. The 20th of August 2009 as a march of 33 murdered or missing women made visible by the Red Shoes, and which will be joined by people from other countries until its return to its point of origin as a great march of solidarity and respect with women and new generations. (Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Norway, Brazil, United States, United Kingdom).

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